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126 Main St, North Andover MA 01845

Pet Care in North Andover, MA

Services & Pricing
Call for an estimate for your personal pet since all pets are individuals. At Carol's Pet Care you always get the extras that make a big difference. The art of scissoring is my specialty.
Dog with Grooming Kits - Pet Grooming in North Andover, MA
your pet will receive
  • Nail Trim & Filing (if possible)
  • Ear Cleaning & Plucking
  • Relieve Anal Glands
  • Comb-outs to remove all Dead Hair & Fur
  • Shampoo
  • Blow Dry or Natural Drying
  • Pet is Trained to accept Grooming
  • Haircuts with Scissor Finishing or Trims
  • Teeth Brushing
also available
  • Medicated Shampoos (Yours or Mine)
  • De-Skunking
  • De-Flea